There is something intriguing in the trees ... imperturbable, calm, patient, majestic. Especially those huge, multi-meter and thick trunks arouse respect. Their influence is also reflected in the culture and language: "old trees do not overdo it", "take root", "chop wood". And how amazing it is to spread a blanket in the shade of branches and branches, lie on it and rest, listening to the noise of leaves moved by the moving air ... Around the Presidential Court you will find many such secluded places. Trees are the lungs of our planet. In the area of ​​our SPA there are plenty of them so that the air you breathe during your stay is of the highest quality, the purest, giving you lots of energy. Take a deep breath and smell the trees. Take a deep breath and taste the fresh air. We believe that the air around our SPA allows you to give yourself more to the relaxation that awaits you during the treatments.