outdoor rest room

Few forms of relaxation are able to match the values ​​of spending time outdoors and in the bosom of nature. Knowing this, we have prepared for our guests the opportunity to relax after treatments in an external restroom, bathed in sunlight, rich in life-giving oxygen and enjoying the natural symphony of the nature orchestra - birdsong, leaf noise, insect sounds. Comfortable chaise lounges and hammocks spread between the trees invite you to the promise of peace, tranquility and invaluable contact with nature. Nothing loosens more than the beautiful sunset just after visiting our Spa. Sit back and relax outside. We recommend that you relax in the open air. During this time, the body is well oxygenated, our body collects rays of the sun, which provide us with vitamin D. The outdoor rest at our SPA is well equipped so that you can spend time and relax in your favorite way.