It is amazing how difficult it is to inflict daily functioning on such a soft tissue, which is tense, shortened, swollen, and therefore painful. It is not enough that it limits our movements, giving a sense of stiffening ("I can not drag"), irritates with the reduction of opportunities, it often hurts and spends sleep from my eyes (even literally, when the inflammation develops). This condition can lead to chronic overload of work, duties, permanent use of our body. It is enough, however, to introduce a method that works the opposite - it stretches the tissue, relaxes it, reduces swelling, allows freedom of movement, reduces pain, restores high motor skills, and our productivity and humor improve. Thanks to that we can rely more on ourselves. Massage has such a beneficial effect. We invite you to find out for yourself!


By exhorting the techniques of grinding, kneading, sticking and stroking, we influence the flow of fluids through the vascular system in the human body. This has a positive effect on the work of our heart and kidneys. It also perfectly relaxes, affects concentration, and stimuli delivered to the brain improve it. Massage affects all tissues and systems in our body. Skin is released from the skin during the massage, it becomes smooth and elastic. Muscles become relaxed, worries go into oblivion, life energy returns. Depending on the massage technique used, we get other effects - stroking pain soothes, states of anxiety, helps to de-stress; rubbing causes tissue congestion, strengthens the circulatory and lymphatic system. Massage also supports the diet - properly selected technique breaks down and crumbles break cells, accelerates metabolism and metabolism.

Invaluable values ​​of massage are also relaxation in the form of stress reduction and care. The oils and essential oils used in our spa are natural and composed with the aim of the most beneficial effect on the skin, thanks to which they are characterized by very high care qualities. They lubricate, moisturize, reduce irritation and nourish the skin. We encourage you not to shower after a massage, so that the oil can absorb and noticeably favorably affect the condition of the skin. The cosmetics we use are 100% natural. Oils obtained from the best quality hand-picked herbs.

Massage in our herbal SPA affects the behavior of energetic balance. It improves the flow of energy, introduces harmony and improves our mental state. It reduces the state of depression, allows you to calm down and find time for yourself.