herbal saunas

Stress of everyday life, hard days at work and personal life, winter air pollution, processed food - all this significantly worsens our condition healthfully from day to day. Sauna is one of the most popular physiotherapy treatments that use heat as a therapeutic effect. This is a hot therapy for the soul and the body. Herbal saunas in our Spa are specially constructed so that they do not get out of them steam or water - then all the beneficial effects for the body remain in the inside to properly absorb into the body. The aroma of a specially selected herbal mix, incredibly pleasant hydration and relaxing light are the greatest strengths of our herbal sauna. It works very gently, therefore we are happy to welcome people who prefer such temperatures.

herbal saunas

Herbal sauna in our Spa improves well-being and de-stress. It cleanses our body and mind. It allows you to gather thoughts, focus. It has a healing effect on the respiratory system - it improves its function. Water vapor moisturizes the skin and accelerates metabolism. Sauna is the perfect complement to the diet - it allows you to burn unnecessary calories - a 30-minute visit to the sauna allows you to burn our body from 900-2400 kcal. Our skin during the session warms up to about 40 degrees Celsius. After the treatment, it is clearly cleansed, moisturized, and adverse changes on the face disappear. The skin is also more susceptible to skin care - cosmetics are better absorbed, their effect is stronger. The water vapor and the right temperature rinse the excess of each other from our body - it prevents the water from staying in it and eliminates the feeling of "swelling".

It is best to refrain from using the sauna if we are cold, we are struggling with cough and runny nose. We also advise against all people who suffer from nervous system diseases, have too much pressure or are struggling with heart failure. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also refrain from using the sauna.

Our holistic approach to treatments is carried out in temperature and herbal sessions in herbal saunas. High temperature induces our circulatory system to the gym, helping to cleanse the body of deposits of inflammatory substances, and providing nutrients. In turn, herbs and their mixtures respond to various and scientifically described needs of the body. Special herbal mixtures properly relax and act therapeutically on the body.