herbal bath

Imagine the time spent in silence, just for yourself. You relax, you do not think about problems, you do not stress ...

The floating pool is a novelty in our SPA. Its essence is to separate the organism from external stimuli. A unique place where you experience the depth of relaxation, you will relax and mute. Through a high level of salinity with the original Solanka from Zabłocie, you will get the floating effect. Your muscles will become relaxed, regenerate and worry will go away. We provide complete isolation from external stimuli. Discover our unique zone. Treat yourself time only for you.

herbal bath

The water in our pool has the right temperature, close to the body temperature. Do not be afraid if you can not swim - the water has only a few centimeters and easily floats on the water. In our pool you can feel safe and comfortable. Through levitation, he looses all muscles and frees us from the work of the mind. It allows respite and regeneration. The body takes on a natural shape, some senses are sensed - hearing, smell. Floating frees us from almost 90% of the stimuli that affect the human body. After the bath, the freshness and feeling of rest lasts for several days. The hour spent in our pool corresponds to several hours of sleep. We will restore harmony and balance to your life. A salutary relaxation in a room with a water-filled pool that allows you to levitate.

We recommend it especially to people after a few hours of travel, tired, stressed and wishing to relax. Also salutary for athletes and people requiring rehabilitation.

The bath has amazing healing properties. It improves well-being, concentration and creativity. Restores harmony in the organism. It relaxes tense muscles, regenerates strength and supports many healing processes. It helps in the treatment of neuroses and depression. It also significantly reduces many pains - migraines, spine, muscles. Through high salinity, we gain improvement in the quality of sleep, improvement of skin condition and mood.