Health and relaxing baths

Water is a wonderful element, which is an invaluable carrier of skin-friendly substances and provides hygiene. It can be saturated with selected ingredients, which our bodies then absorb with great benefit to the condition of the skin and the functions it fulfills. Reactivity to touch and body protection belong to the basic tasks of the skin. In order for her to meet her duly, she should be in good shape. Moisturizing, oiling, smoothness, elasticity and elasticity are the most important features describing skin's well-being. Holistic treatments in our SPA serve to restore and consolidate these skin parameters. Magnesium-potassium, milk and herbal baths are one of the important elements of our menu. They affect skin nourishment, moisturizing it, and massaging it, favorably affecting the circulation of systemic fluids. Enrichment of therapy is warm candle light, relaxing music and beautiful fragrances.