hay and herb rooms

Our hay and herb surgeries are spaces where we are in constant contact with beneficial ingredients contained in herbs and oat sowing. Oats have the properties of soothing inflammation of the skin, which have been used in the villages for centuries, and now, after laboratory testing, has been entered in our western neighbors to the register of medicines for the mentioned skin conditions. We use it in the form of building blocks for our natural treatment tables. The health climate of the cabinets is supplemented by the saturation of the atmosphere prevailing in it with active ingredients herbs, which we heat on the ovens. In every office there is increased temperature and humidity, providing optimal conditions for transdermal care and absorption.

hay and herb rooms

Aromatherapy is a method of therapy practiced by us, in which we use natural herbal mixtures and essential oils, which through inhalation get into the body. We also practice such a treatment in every room and office. Our Herbal Spa is steeped in the fragrance of a perfectly selected composition of dried herbs.

A very important function of oils and dried aromatherapy herbs is the impact on the human psyche. Aromas open the soul and reason.

Health-related properties of our offices combined with aromatherapy:

- relieve inflammation of the skin; - relax and unwind; - they have a positive effect on the respiratory tract - they have anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties; - improve brain blood supply; - reduce various pains; - help in the fight against insomnia; - they de-stress.